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Giving your company the proper image you wish to convey to customers can be done with the help of embroidered designs from LT Graphics, Labeltech’s in-house embroidery division. We have provided local and nationwide commercial clients with the best and most affordable embroidered products all across the southwest region of Texas. We are known for being experienced and providing customers with great estimates that no other manufacturer can top. Start your business the right way with LT Graphics, today.

Embroidery Services for Businesses in the Southwest 

Embroidery has been one of the longest-standing methods when it comes to branding your company. Embroidery is one of the perfect methods for bringing new and traditional logos to life on garments, work attire, hats, bottoms, and so much more. Here, at LT Graphics, we are cemented to apply embroidered logos and designs onto any type of clothing or fabric you can think of. Whether you are aiming for a more classic feel or would like to experiment by utilizing various other mediums, LT Graphics can guarantee you an end result that you will be nothing but satisfied with. Some of the most popular items we are asked to embroider on consist of the following:

• Restaurant uniforms
• Graduation gowns
• Jackets
• Caps
• Safety and industrial uniforms
• School/Sport Uniforms
• And many more

LT Graphics is a proud owner of high-end, industrial-level equipment in regards to our embroidery services. You can confide in our professionals to provide you with a proper and timeless look on any garment with embroidery.

The Intricate Process of Embroidery 

The machinery we use for embroidering logos and designs enables us to create the amount you need with a turnaround time that is convenient for you, your business, and your employees. Embroidered logos can now be manufactured in a matter of hours, even minutes, with the professionals and tools at LT Graphics. 

We initiate the process of creating your embroidered logos by coming up with a new design or using one you provide. Our graphic designers can mock up a unique design or use your current company logo/design. We can work with any and all of your preferences. When we plan out your design, we immediately take into consideration how many stitches will be needed. We also assess the colors that will be incorporated. We have a full range of colors and designs at our disposal, so we can craft many drafts for you to choose from. As well as offering different thread types.

Once the design is saved, we transfer the file directly from our computer software to the machinery and we stretch the fabrics out for preparation. We keep the fabrics tightly stretched to ensure that the material is secure to the machine. Once the logo is set and the machine is programmed, we start the machine and allow it to run until your embroidery design is completed. 

At LT Graphics, we take pride in the fact that we invest a vast amount of our time and skill into our embroidered products. Our process of logo and design making is unlike anything you’ll ever find with any other manufacturer. 

The Benefits of Embroidery for Commercial Use 

Taking up an embroidered look for your business apparel is not only intended to add a touch of decoration to your professional presence. There are many benefits you can expect when you choose LT Graphics to help you apply embroidered designs to your professional wear. 

Any employee that dons an attire with simple or intricate embroidered designs can convey a message that they belong to a certain company. This proudly displays your company’s name to the public, all while promoting employee loyalty. Our quality embroidered designs are also made for hard-wear, as they can resist heavy-duty jobs, despite any factors of weather and more. Prospective customers are inclined to choose a business for their services when they notice obvious indicators of uniqueness and quality of service. Embroidered designs through LT Graphics have a touch of magic that will keep customers running to you and for your business services. 

Get Started with LT Graphics For All Your Embroidery Ideas and Designs 

Our embroidery services never miss a step. Since our embroidery machinery is fully automatic, it can handle exactly what a clothing line can put out. This is the quality of work you need in order to have flawless designs to be applied to your business wear. Contact LT Graphics for a free quote and to create embroidered products for you, today!

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