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Label Printing in El Paso

At Labeltech Inc, our professionalism and meticulous business-minded characteristics make clients eager to work with us. Labeltech Inc is committed to finding the highest quality materials and working with our suppliers to attain the lowest costs for materials possible, so that we may pass those savings on to our customers. Our lead times are flexible when it comes to scheduled and unscheduled demand. We have all the necessary materials and equipment in-house for quick turnaround times and ultimately consistency across all our processes.

Our equipment is kept to the highest industry standards and we are constantly exploring what is new and improved in flexographic and other printing processes. We utilize flexographic and offset presses for most of our printing but have the capabilities for digital as well if it is best for the project in question. This is all made possible with our desire to have all processes done in the house, so our clients don’t have to face the burden of finding a third-party manufacturer for any phase of production. Our state of the art pre-press equipment allows our press and post-press processes to function without delay and results in faster lead times with levels of consistency you just don’t find when you don’t take care of the process from beginning to end yourself, as we do here.

Forging Solutions for Your Printing Needs 

We offer an almost unlimited range of sizes and shapes, from round corner radius to custom design cuts to butt cuts. Our large in-house inventory of dyes allows for just about any size and shape you can think of. Everything from pre-press to production and finalizing is done in-house. The result is not only being able to transfer the product to you more efficiently but also to provide very competitive pricing at every level. This includes blanks, and up to 6 spot colors, 4 color process labels, tags, sheeter jobs, and more. 

All-Encompassing Printing Methods, Colors, and Materials Provided 

At Labeltech Inc, we have the ability to print using a variety of methods including flexographic pressing, offset printing, and as well as wide-format digital prints. We use various types of inks such as water-based, oil-based, UV, foil imprint colors, screen printing inks and more. Our standard label stocks further extend our offerings, providing clients with a variety to choose from. We are able to print on a wide range of materials such as Lexan, tags, paper, films, foils, vinyl, polyester, thermal transfer (ribbon or direct) and more. Labeltech Inc is an authorized distributor of thermal transfer printers, software, and thermal transfer ribbons. 

Along with the abundance of our materials, we have the capability to generate and print sequential numbering and barcodes. We are equipped with the ability to produce all of your computer pin-feed labels and forms. If your needs include offset printing, we are capable of providing you with flyers, inserts, instruction sheets, and more. Whether your specifications call for thermal transfers, heat transfers, freezer adhesives, high-temperature substrates, films or removable, we are certain we will have the solution to all your printing needs. 

Place Your Trust in the Hands of the Professionals at Labeltech Inc 

Our qualified printing staff offers an extensive range of knowledge and experience. Our modern and innovative equipment gives us the ability to scan, color separate, color proof and produce our own printing plates in-house. This enables us to have more control over our processes and provide our customers with finalized products within desirable time frames. We work diligently from beginning to end. Finishing and final quality control are as important as any part of the printing process and we ensure the highest standards with rewinding, inspecting, and packaging. These services are all plant-centric, as is everything here at Labeltech Inc. Get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to find the solution to your specific label requirements.