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Screen Printing in El Paso

LT Graphics—Labletech’s in-house graphic design division—is your best choice when it comes to affordable screen printing services in El Paso. Our experience has allowed this division us to stay highly reviewed and provide local and commercial customers great products. Remaining a trustworthy company is our top priority! We offer estimates and information regarding your promotional and screen-printed products, so reach out to us today!

About Our Screen Printing Shop

If you’ve been considering adding more printed merchandise to your company, we can step in and take initiative. We provide companies with screen printing and promotional item printing in addition to labels and stickers. Thanks to our incredible skills, we have the ability to cover a large part of the printing spectrum. Having this part of our company allows us to have one unified identity of providing all types of printing services for companies and brands. We can amplify advertising and branding your company with the help of screen-printed products. 

Screen Printing on a Vast Array of Promotional Products 

Branding your product is not limited to sticker and label printing. If you want to make your logo and company name more visible to the huge sea of prospective clients, there are a couple of items you can consider having prints done on. Our promotional product services are perfect for projects of any size.

We’re able to apply screen prints on the following items:

• Custom t-shirts and clothing
• Bags
• Posters
• Banners

How Promotional Items Can Support Your Business

The main advantage of screen printing is the unique vision that the process creates. The inks we use are durable and can withstand years of cleansing, washing, outdoor exposure, and all kinds of uses. The simple fact that we’re able to print on a large variety of materials and objects and that we can choose from a plethora of special inks are the factors that have helped establish our printing services as the optimal method for adding particular features onto products.  

We also utilize equipment that is flexible and innovative. Specialized equipment allows our team to work with materials of all kinds. No matter how thick or study, we can provide you with a flawless printing job that is vibrant in color and quality and is long-lasting. 

Choose Us As Your Screen Printing Source!

Just like any project we take on, our team can have your needs met at a rapid and productive pace. In general, it takes us about two to three business days to fully process and print your business items. Each of these business days is used to perfect and master printing so that your products come out exactly as previously fathomed. We are flexible to urgencies should they arrive and are ready to work with you however we can. Contact us today to learn more about what our promotional division can do for you and your company!

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