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Sticker Manufacturer - Specialized Label Creation for Businesses

If you’re looking for highly reviewed sticker printing services, then Labeltech Inc is your best candidate. We consistently exceed our clients’ logo and sticker creation needs. That’s how we’ve become one of the top, local suppliers of high-quality commercial labels and designs. With our years of experience, customers view us as a trustworthy and affordable company that produces great results. If you’re interested in sky-rocketing your business with the help of product labels, contact us today for estimates and rates.

Top-Rated Sticker Manufacturing Services in El Paso

At Labeltech Inc, we believe that hard-working industries should brand their company with equally hard-working labels. Our company is a self-sufficient print shop, meaning we take no more than a week to provide aspiring businesses, in and outside of the country, with the sticker and label printing services one could need. We specialize in producing sticker labels so that they can be applied to any surface. The material we use is certified for indoor and outdoor use and is manufactured as high tack and durable adhesives. Our sticker printing services ensure that your label will strengthen and fabricate a permanent bond with your company’s products. Not only are our sticker labels designed for a long lifetime, but they are also intended to brand and market your company all around. 

Industries We Serve

We provide sticker printing for any and all kinds of businesses. Some of the industries we have worked with the most include the following:

  • Automotive
  • Dairy
  • Produce
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Political campaigns
  • Construction
  • And many more!

In addition to our sticker printing services, we are also a licensed supplier of printers. We can provide blank labels and wax ribbons with instructional manuals if you prefer manufacturing labels on your own. Any service or product that involves professional graphic designing printing can be done through the team at Labeltech Inc. 

UL and CSA Certified Services 

As a UL and CSA-Certified company, we’re able to provide sticker and label printing in a time frame that is beneficial to you. Our CSA Certification allows us to produce labels that indicate safety, while our UL Certifications guarantee that our products follow guidelines and are up to standard.

Choose Labeltech for All Your Sticker Printing Needs!

Thanks to our digital printing equipment, our stickers can be available for use anywhere from the next day to no more than a week, and this applies to companies out of state or international. Manifest your visions and ideas to life and contact us today!

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