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Get to Know the Team!

Labeltech Inc is a printing company that was established in 1993. We got our start with a handful of employees in the local El Paso/Southwest region. It was not long before the company was destined to extend into servicing Mexico, and from then on, countries around the world. Our company is now a proud owner of a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility that runs 24 hours a day. Our departments and employees can provide customers with the satisfaction they seek in custom labels and creative assistance. With an overarching commitment to quality, customer service, and advanced printing processes, Labeltech Inc proudly stands as one of the leading manufacturers of pressure-sensitive products in the Southwest and Borderplex region. We are a UL and CSA agency certified manufacturer as well as being ISO-certified since 2006.

The Departments of Labeltech Inc 

Labeltech Inc would not be able to provide our high level of quality and customer service without the help of our exceptional departments. The various departments that make up our company include management, accounting, art/design department, production, quality control, and HR. Our business has obtained the following certifications:

• ISO Certified
• Minority Business Certified
RoHS Certified
UL Certified
CSA Certified

In addition to our certifications, Labeltech Inc’s departments are known for our time-efficient processing of printing, labeling, and delivering labels. For local companies, the standard process can take as little as 1-3 days*. For national companies, the delivery can range from 3-5 days*. For international companies, delivery normally takes no more than seven days. Lead times vary across the industry but we are no stranger to expediting orders to meet your needs and deadlines, as opposed to other printing companies with very strict schedules. Our labels can reach you within a time frame where business can keep rolling and faster than you may anticipate. We understand time is of the essence. 

*Lead times are subject to change dependent on job type. Overall lead time is always 5-7 days.

Unique and Client-Orientated: What Makes Our Printing Services Stand Out

Any company’s success comes from a strong commitment to the customer’s total satisfaction. At Labeltech Inc, we take pride in the fact that when a customer comes to us, anyone on staff is able to respond to their needs. Our staff is well trained and highly responsive to all of our customers’ scheduled and unscheduled production demands. In addition to being highly responsive and efficient, we treat every project that comes our way as if it were our first. The diligence and care to impress and surpass our customers’ expectations is what we strive for.

Unlike standard print shops, which usually have to outsource much of their work,  Labeltech has everything you need to make your project come to life in-house. This is what we call “The Labeltech Advantage.” We have built and sustained a reputation for being a self-sufficient source of print services and label materials. Labeltech Inc never fails to stick by our customers because we love what we do. We’re here to help the customer experience the highest degree of care and personalized attention in the industry. 

Choose the Labeltech Inc. Advantage Today 

Labeltech Inc lives by our mission statement, “We are pressure sensitive to our customers’ needs.” We are always eager to work with clients and find solutions to their needs that ultimately bring value to their business. Contact our team today to learn more about how our services can work for you.